Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today is my birthday - happy birthday to me!

Looking over the blog roll on the right side of this page, I'm reminded that I've had the odd distinction of having two separate rock stars be shot to death on past birthdays. Bryan Kuntz memorializes Dimebag Darrell today at This Ain't the Summer of Love (he took the title for his blog well before I took it for my new book). I'd forgotten that Dimebag died on my birthday, now five years ago. I'm a fan of his playing and of Pantera, and the details of his death were notably freakish - isn't it every performer's worst nightmare to be shot to death on stage?

The big one, though, was John Lennon, who died on my thirteenth birthday back in 1980. That one I remember vividly, if only because my friend David Jennings (who would later rechristen himself Diq Diamond and try mightily to get a Chili Peppers-style band up and running) came to school that day wearing a T-shirt he'd redesigned to mark the occasion. It was a plain white T, and he scrawled something to the effect of "RIP John Lennon" or "John Lennon we'll miss you" in what was probably black and colored marker. I can't remember the exact message but I can remember that I'd never seen someone respond to a celebrity's death in such a way, and it was an eye-opener for 13 year old me (Elvis had died just three years before but I was too young then to fully appreciate it). I remember nothing else about that day, just walking to school with David, confused about what it meant to mourn someone I'd never met.


  1. Hey Steve...I have to admit I have not been by here in a while but I was just catching up on some over-due reading on a slow day before the day before Christmas and was pleasantly surprised to see you mentioned my blog and the Dimebag post I did...thanks! And thanks as well for including my blog in your feed - very cool of you! I have included your blog in my "Of Interest To The Enlightened" links list since I found out about your book and blog. I miss Dimebag - I saw Pantera several times from '92 to around 99 or so, and he was amazing - a real one of a kind innovator.

    As far as the name of my blog and the title of your book - yeah! I was so amused when your book came out that someone else thought enough of that old B.O.C. tune to use it like I did. B.O.C. never seems to get much recognition anymore - they were such a huge band in their day - it's a shame more people don't remember them more fondly like we do. They remain a favorite of mine and I still listen to them quite often.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and best wishes for continued success in 2010...keep rockin!

    Bryan (NYCDreamin)